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After 10 years of searching and researching Chinese Cresteds, I finally found the quality of Cresteds as well as the quality of BREEDER that I was looking for.
  Both of my boys are loved & co-owned by myself and Sharon Siwek (Breeder).
   Sharon has put up with my dumb questions, let me tag around at the dog shows,etc...
    I owe her a lot for trusting me with such quality boys.
                     THANK YOU    THANK YOU


Cruiser at Blac kHawk Kennel Club Show
6 months

Cruiser is now up to 7 points.

JJ ready for bed

they don't move any better than this!
JJ side movement

 6-08 Lake Shore       12 to 18 month Dog 1st    pnts=0
 6-08 Valparaiso        12 to 18 month Dog 1st    pnts=0
 9-08 Lebanon           Open Dog   Reserve Winners
11-08 Fort Wayne      Open Dog   Reserve Winners
11-08 Fort Wayne      Open Dog Reserve Winners
11-08 Grand Rapids   WINNERS DOG                              pnts=2
11-08 Crete               Open Dog Reserve
11-08 Crete               WINNERS DOG                               pnts=1
11-30 Kankakee        Best of Winners/Best of Opp              pnts=1
12-14-08 Rosemont   Winners Dog (females Disqual.)
 2-19-09 Park Shore   WINNERS DOG/Best of Opp             pnts=1
 2-20-09                    Reserve Winners
 2-21-09 IKC              Reserve Winners
 2-22-09 IKC              WINNERS DOG/Best of Opp             pnts=1
11-09 Fort Wayne      Winners Dog                                    pnts=1

Yoda is a little man we rescued this summer. He was picked up 2 times wandering the streets. We took him back home as he had tags on the 1st time. The 2nd time, his collar had been removed, but we certainly remembered this wonderful little man. His owner was asked if she wanted to place the dog with us,
 of course she didn't, she loved him. We told her "fine" but if we picked him up again we wouldn't return him. Well, 5 days later we picked him up in 5:00pm traffic on a 4 lane road.
  Yoda was brought home, I gave him a haircut, his boosters, wormed him and made an appointment for his neutering. After his 2 week healing from his neutering I took Yoda & J.J to a horseshow to see how well he would do in another environment:noise,smells,kids,horses,etc.....he was perfect as always!
  Well a friend of ours Dawn Duty (Head of the KIDS ALIVE program), fell head over heels with our little man, even though she said she could never see herself with a "Foo-Foo" dog.LOL Well, now you never see Dawn without her new little man! 
  Another success story!    THANKS DAWN (We miss you Yoda)

Yoda 1 year old PP in Hairless cut
Owned by Dawn Duty

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